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Fire Poi - Fuel Reservoir 100mm

FyreFli's most popular fire poi, featuring built in fuel reservoirs and a special design features allowing for simplified fire wick replacement. Fuel flows via 6 large holes positioned beneath the fire wick and into a fuel reservoir packed with fuel absorbent materials. This fire prop is available fitted with 100 mm wide fire wick and fitted with quality ball chain.

Available Accessories

  • 3mm Heavy Duty Chain Assembly
  • Kevlar® Fire Wick by the Metre

FyreFli Fire Poi Specifications

  • Made in England
  • Fuel Reservoirs
  • Heads comprised of 100mm wick

This Set of Poi Includes

  • 2x FyreFli Fire Heads
  • 2x Ball-Chain Assembly and Double fingerloop fire handles

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Fire Poi - Fuel Reservoir 100mm